Unitas: Building Bridges to Wellness Through Technology

Unitas, a longstanding mental health institute established in 1983, sought to modernize their patient experience and reach a wider audience struggling with mental health challenges.


TMA partnered with Unitas to implement a comprehensive digital strategy focused on:

Patient Portal Development: A secure and user-friendly online portal offering patients 24/7 access to:

  1. Appointment scheduling and management.
  2. Secure communication with healthcare providers.
  3. Progress tracking tools and educational resources.

Online Appointment Booking: A streamlined system enabling patients to schedule appointments conveniently and  eliminating the need for phone calls.

Success Stories Platform: A dedicated section on the Unitas website showcasing inspiring stories of patients who have overcome challenges with the help of the institute’s services. 


Improved Patient Experience: The patient portal empowers patients to manage their care proactively, enhancing convenience and communication.

Increased Accessibility: Online appointment booking removes barriers to care, allowing patients to schedule appointments easily at any time.

Expanded Reach: The institute’s online presence attracts a wider audience seeking mental health services, particularly those who might hesitate to reach out traditionally. Showcasing success stories fosters trust and encourages potential patients to take the first step towards healing.


Here’s What We Did


By embracing innovative technology solutions, Unitas demonstrates their commitment to providing accessible and effective mental healthcare. The patient portal, online appointment booking, and success stories platform empower patients, streamline operations, and solidify Unitas' position as a leading provider of mental health services in the New York area.


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