Phone Doctor: From Cracked Screens to Soaring Sales

Phone Doctor, a local phone repair chain, felt stuck in a crowded marketplace. They struggled to attract new customers and compete with bigger chains. Their website wasn’t mobile-friendly, their social media presence was minimal, and their online reputation wasn’t fully established.


A 17-Year Legacy, an Invisible Online Presence

Phone Doctor Mobiles, a trusted phone repair shop with a 17-year history, faced a digital dilemma. Despite their established reputation in the local community, their online presence was practically non-existent. This meant potential customers searching for phone repair services couldn’t find them – a major headache for a business thriving on walk-in traffic.

TMA recognized the need for a comprehensive approach. We knew a single tactic wouldn’t be enough to overcome this challenge. The solution? A multi-pronged 360° digital marketing strategy specifically designed to propel iRepair Mobiles into the online world and connect them with their target audience.


TMA crafted a comprehensive 360° digital marketing strategy specifically designed to address iRepair Mobiles’ challenges:

Gone were the days of invisibility. TMA employed strategic local SEO tactics to ensure iRepair Mobiles appeared at the top of search results for local phone repair services.

Combined with engaging social media campaigns featuring informative videos, customer testimonials, and targeted promotions, we generated significant website traffic within just the first 4 months! This winning combo helped iRepair Mobiles dominate their online niche and connect with their target audience.


The results of TMA’s 360° digital marketing strategy for iRepair Mobiles were nothing short of transformative:

Traffic Surge: Targeted SEO and engaging social media campaigns ignited a website traffic explosion! More potential customers discovered iRepair Mobiles online, actively searching for their services and exploring their offerings.

Sales Soar: The user-friendly website and improved customer support fueled a sales boom! Clear information, readily available pricing, and a seamless communication channel empowered potential customers to make informed decisions and get their devices fixed quickly. iRepair Mobiles saw a significant increase in sales as a direct result of TMA’s efforts.


Here’s What We Did


Phone Doctor' journey exemplifies the transformative power of a data-driven 360° digital marketing strategy. By working collaboratively with TMA, they achieved remarkable results: increased website traffic, boosted sales, and a significantly stronger brand presence. Now, iRepair Mobiles is well-positioned to thrive in the competitive mobile repair market, attracting new customers and establishing themselves as the trusted experts in their local area.


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